Bitcon Trader a trading robot for investing, trading, and making money every day, even if you are a beginner.

An intelligent robot that helps you make money with trading and cryptocurrencies without the need to spend time analyzing the market.

What could be better than this automated cryptocurrency management platform?

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Did you know that with Bitcoin Trader,
you can trade cryptocurrencies and
increase your win rate with accurate

If you are an investment expert, you can use the manual function or the automatic trading function to have the software algorithm analyze the market and make trades for you. With the latter option, you will increase your chances of making good profits from the first day you start cryptocurrency trading.

The algorithm accurately predicts market movements and the right opportunities for you to profit from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. A safe way to make money is by trading bitcoin, without having to be an expert and without spending hours in front of the screen to analyze and monitor the market on your own.

Are you ready to put this crypto trading software to work for you and multiply your initial deposit?


Bitcoin Trading
Bitcoin Trading

What is Bitcoin Trader, and how
does it work?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading robot that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies using data analytics and statistical technology to increase the probability of success.

This means that by making a minimum deposit of $250, you will be able to use the crypto trading software’s algorithm, configure it in a personalised way and make it work in your favour, even if you have no experience.


The way it works is straightforward: behind this trading, the robot is a team of developers using state-of-the-art technology to create a system capable of recognizing the best investment opportunities.

This robot is in charge of studying all the information available in the big data about a market, a stock, and its behavior throughout history.

Bitcoin Trader graph
Bitcoin Trader statistical charts

So, it uses live and historical bitcoin data to create statistical charts that are analyzed to identify the next market movement.


Sounds excellent and safe, don’t you think? Suppose you are an expert with an excellent track record in the investment world. In that case, it could take several days to do this analysis.

But with this software, you will have this data in just seconds, all translated into a clear business opportunity: “buy bitcoins,” “sell bitcoins.”

It’s easy; it’s simple, it’s safe.

In addition, it offers many competitive advantages over other trading and cryptocurrency platforms.

Bitcoin Trader statistical charts

Bitcoin Trader an innovative, secure, and efficient
tool for successful trading

We do not want to use words to convince you without giving you solid arguments that
your investment is in the best hands with this investment management software.


The first argument is that it is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that uses state-of-the-art technology, constantly updated so that the system provides speed and precision in each operation.

You will know that bitcoin has a high level of volatility. But why not use that volatility to generate millions? So did people who bought bitcoins at over €434 in 2016 and sold them for almost €60,000 in 2022.

They generated millions because they took advantage of the increasing volatility of the most popular cryptocurrency.

Therefore, this innovative platform will also help you take advantage of this trend to know when it is the right second to buy or sell bitcoins.

Bitcoin Trading Expert
bitcoin Graph analysis


The second argument is that it is very secure, supported by Blockchain technology, which encrypts your data and safeguards your money in a way that is impossible to hack or know about.

And, come on, you want certainty at every step regarding investments. The third argument is that it is a very efficient online cryptocurrency trading software.


 For this, we would like to use a very shocking fact: many of our first users made a minimum deposit of $250 and turned it into $3,000 on the same day.
Although we do not guarantee that you will also achieve such a profit, we can tell you that the success rate of our operations is 98%.

That means that, out of 100 interventions made by the automated system, 98 will be profits for you. Where can you find such an efficiency rate?

bitcoin Graph analysis
Cryptocurrencies Chart

Where can you find such an efficiency rate?


Cryptocurrencies Chart

What are the features that make
Bitcoin Trader the ideal application for

Now we present some of the features of the trading robot so that you can get to know its functions and convince yourself of its quality.
Attractive commercial alerts

Attractive commercial alerts

You will be able to have 6 types of live bitcoin trading indicators, which will help you to quickly understand the market and know what the next step is.


 In addition, you can be sure that the automated system will use the same data to increase your chances of making money.

Intelligent trading robot

Intelligent trading robot

The trading robot in the automatic function will open and close trades following the guidelines you preset and the indicators it analyzes.

Thus, although the robot operates automatically, you can customize it to your liking to feel that you are well represented in the buying and selling of the shares.
Security and privacy shield

Security and privacy shield

Your data is confidential, as we adhere to a strict privacy policy.

In addition, each transaction is secure because the most innovative technology is used to prevent possible cyber attacks.
Backstage feature

Backstage feature

With this feature, you will be able to test a series of preset rules to optimize the final configuration and adjust your rules to achieve better results.

In this way, you will never experiment with actual operations without knowing how effective the configuration is.
Demonstration trading

Demonstration trading

It is very similar to the previous option because you will be able to understand the market much better and will be able to make appropriate decisions.

Here, your knowledge of a particular market will become much more technical, as you can configure and tweak the options to your liking.
Live Trading

Live Trading

You can now use any available cryptocurrency or currency to start trading.

Apply the settings you have already discussed and start trading with the confidence that you will be able to start earning your profits. It should be noted that the deposit is yours, and there are no commissions for trading.

Advantages of Bitcoin

Now we present some of the features of the trading robot so that you
can get to know its functions and convince yourself of its quality.
Bitcoin Trader Wallet

Free Software

Bitcoin Trader is FREE. You will not have to pay any transaction, maintenance, or withdrawal fees. Every dollar you earn is yours from when you start using the application until you finish.

Several cryptocurrencies to trade​

It is very similar to the previous option because you will be able to understand the market much better and will be able to make appropriate decisions.

Here, your knowledge of a particular market will become much more technical, as you can configure and tweak the options to your liking.

No downloads or installations

You do not need to download any software to trade. You will not have to install anything on your computer to operate. All you need is a computer, tablet, or Smartphone with an internet connection and a browser to perform operations anywhere.

And, come on, in this modern world, it is hard to imagine a place without an internet connection.

Low start-up investment

Many online trading platforms ask for excessive amounts to carry out transactions. This, in most cases, is because of a scam. But with Bitcoin Trader, you will only have to make a minimum deposit of $250, all of which will be available to trade as you wish.

In addition, you can trade for as little as $25, giving you a greater chance of success. Of course, you can make a larger deposit if you wish. However, we recommend starting with the $250 to gain experience and skill.

Simple configuration

Everything you do, from registration to the interface, will be secure and straightforward.

The initial configuration of the software may take you less than an hour, but that is in case you are a beginner; we recommend that you take your time and read each item carefully.

But, if you are an expert in trading cryptocurrencies and investment platforms, you will see that you will have the application ready to start trading in a few minutes.

Almost immediate verification

We have a verification process to ensure the safety of each member of the community and that the information provided is accurate. But this verification is speedy.
After registration, you will be contacted by an expert agent who will help you verify your account and then use the trading function.

Periodic earnings with withdrawals whenever you want​

We do not guarantee that every transaction will be successful. And, to tell you the truth, the platform that tells you that you will ALWAYS make money just wants to scam you because every investment has a risk.

However, we guarantee that out of 100 investments you make, 98 will be successful. Our bitcoin trading system offers secure possibilities through innovative analysis and prediction tools.

DEMO account settings

And if that’s not enough, we give you the possibility to learn how to use the cryptocurrency trading platform with a demo account.

Thus, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the software functions and invest in a much more reliable way.

Bitcoin Trading Expert

I am already registered
as Bitcoin Trader

Why should you register on Bitcoin Trader and
start trading RISK-FREE?

Many trading platforms promise you things that no one can achieve.
But we are honest and tell you the truth at every step so that you can earn money at a
safe rate. Crypto Trader is legal because…

We DO NOT LIE to you that you will become rich immediately.

You won’t get rich overnight, although there may be cases where you will. It takes time, knowledge, and effort to make huge profits with this cryptocurrency trading bot.

We DON'T TELL YOU to invest ALL of your money.

We do not require you to invest much more than you can afford to lose.
We want you and your family to generate profits without gambling your family’s capital.
Therefore, we have arranged a minimum deposit of $250 for you to start trading safely and step by step.

We DO NOT LIE to you that it is the best application globally.

We have used good features from many cryptocurrency applications, creating one that is much more complete, secure, reliable, and efficient than the others. But we won’t tell you that this is the best because technology is changing and we have good competitors. We guarantee that we are one of the most stable and profitable bitcoin trading app in the market.

bitcoin trader chart

So, what are the steps to start using
Bitcoin Trader?

You are just 3 steps away from being a winning bitcoin investor.


Fill in the registration form.

The first thing to do is to fill out the registration form on this page so that an operator can contact you and guide you through your account verification.

Bitcoin Trader Software
Bitcoin Trader Deposit money


Make your first deposit.

Then you must make your deposit. It can be much more than $250. However, we recommend that you start with that minimum amount.

Bitcoin Trader Deposit money


Start performing your operations.

Configure your software to your needs and start performing operations with the manual or automatic option.

Bitcoin Trading
Bitcoin Trading Expert

Bitcoin Trader: an AUTOMATIC platform to generate income on any browser and device

Configure your platform to your liking and sit back and watch it perform trades to make you money. But that doesn’t mean it must be connected at all times. You will be able to carry out your daily activities without keeping an eye on the bitcoin trader.

Crypto Trading Expert

Crypto Trader is legal; you are not at risk of scams

Best of all, there is a community of thousands of investors already making money with Bitcoin Trader.It is a legal platform that you can verify by analyzing its LEGAL NOTICE, TERMS, and CONDITIONS. Your investment is secured.

Where can you find such an efficiency rate?


Frequently Asked Questions

On computers, tablets, and cell phones.

It’s FREE, so you won’t have to pay a single dollar for registration, maintenance, or withdrawals.

There are no limits. It all depends on how much you invest, although we have users who have multiplied their $250 to $3,000 in one day.

With only 20 minutes a day, you will be able to configure your application and put it into production.